We are looking for investors! 


We are ready to build these buses and operate them with a profitably in every big city of the world. Patent for sale, license for sale.



If you have money to invest and you find our idea worth dealing with, please contact us for detailed information.

Expected revenue




Patent for sale


Hungary - P1600197

EP - EP3313693

China - CN107735282A


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Our results 

Market Research -

We believe that the most accurate solution is real conversation. Therefore, we conducted interviews at two locations in Budapest. First on the street in front of Budapest's largest spa, second on Hungaroring at the Hungarian Grand Prix F1 race. The result exceeded our expectations. Detailed documentation in the Business Plan.
Modelling -  
We created a reduced 1:12 scale model. The model includes only the pool, moving and operating units, water filling and storage units, seats, water flow and vibration control unit, central control unit, and power supplies. We also made a stage table with a movable frame. On the stage we built the bus pool part with the above mentioned units.
Test -  
The complete mobile model unit is installed in the cabin of a minibus. We installed lighting devices and cameras. We made a video movie with multiple cameras. Data were obtained from the central control unit sensor, the vehicle tilt and acceleration sensor, the laser tilt indicator, and the vehicle, and measuring devices. During the test, the structure was exposed to various accelerations. We tested it during turn accelerations and decelerations. We tested it during emergency braking. The test film and data were evaluated and continually corrected for mechanical, electronic, and program errors.

Patent -
Patent applications have been filed in Hungary, EPO, USPTO, SIPO, and CGPDTM in India. Hungarian patent 2019.05.04 - HU230938, EPO 2020.04.09 - EP3313693, and the China 2021.02.19 - CN107735282A.
Next Step -
The next step is to produce a realistic prototype.  We are looking for an investor. Patent for sale, license for sale.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will you offer sightseeing bus services?

We operate the AquaticFunBus in the big cities that handle big tourism. According to our market research, a large city like Budapest enables the continuous operation of 5-7 buses. In smaller towns, I mean county seats, the operation of a 1-1 Minibus is profitable.

What is your profile? Production or operation of AquaticFunBus?

The main profile is operation. This is where the main income comes from. However, as we expand, we want to manufacture buses operating in all countries. Obviously, this will also generate income.

What kind of vehicles do you use for service?

We want to build two main types. The MINI bus can accommodate 10 people, of whom 4 can travel in the pool and 6 in clothing. The LARGE bus can accommodate 28 people, of whom 16 can travel in the pool and 12 in clothing. We often want to come up with new models, but these two basic types will always appear.

Can the prototype generate income?

Yes. The moment the prototype is completed, we will start the service.

Where does the income come from?

The income comes from passenger ticket prices.

When, at what time of the year does the AquaticFunBus operate?

According to our plans, the sightseeing bus would run every day of the year. We would create the vehicle so that it could be used even in winter, sitting in hot water. Check-in and check-out would take place in a heated hall, where the service rooms are also of a high standard. The AquaticFunBus can enter the hall, so passengers can get in and out indoors, in dry and warm conditions.

Are there competitors in the market environment?

Sightseeing bus companies are competitors, but because our equipment and service are protected by patent, this segment is ours alone.

How long does the preparation process take to get started?

Broadly speaking, the specific vehicle conversion plans, the vehicle conversion itself, and the permission procedures are the steps that can be taken into account, after which the service can begin. This time obviously depends on many factors, approx. 5-8 months.

What are your sales and marketing strategies?

To get started, and in the first period, we definitely need to run a big media campaign with the involvement of a professional. In the future, we hope that the service will advertise itself, given that Wi-Fi will be available on all our buses. (community sites)

If a family or group of friends wants to travel with you but not everyone is bathing, how can they have fun together?

Suppose only young people from a family sit in the pool, the rest of the family can travel with them on the upstairs seats. We organize it so that families and friends can have fun together.

How much does the ticket cost?

HUF 15,000 for those travelling in the pool and HUF 5,000 for those travelling in their clothes.

Why doesn't the water come out of the pool on the way?

We have invented a special technical solution so that the water level remains constant during braking - acceleration or cornering. We've tested a lot and it works well. See the Modeling menu for more answers.

With how much capital can I join the business, and what rights do I have?

We are currently looking for investors to build the prototype and launch the service. When sufficient capital is accumulated, the membership is completed. We will start the business and we will continue to develop from the profits, possibly continuing with a capital increase. This shall be decided by the Board of Directors. The rights and voting rights of investors will be fixed in a contract.